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The good people for technical sales 

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Our Approach

Our approach

Finding good and suitable employees is difficult ...

... that's why we have focused on a small niche in which we offer the highest quality.

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Our specialties are employees for:

  • Internal and external sales positions

  • Area Sales Manager

  • Key Account Manager

  • Sales Director

  • Business Development Manager

  • Product Manager

  • Field Application Engineer

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With industry focus


  • Electrical engineering, Electronics, Automation Technology

  • Machinery and plant construction

  • Construction, Architecture, Building technology

A company is only as good as its people and their passion for creating

Your headhunter for
technical sales positions in
Austria and Germany

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Why skadio?


  • Focus on demanding positions in technical sales

  • Daily contact with candidates and customers from the technical environment provides maximum added value for all parties. ​

regional focus

  • Austria and Germany.

  • ​Strong group of companies in the background 

  • We are part of the EUVIC family, a European group of companies (64 companies with +5500 employees)  

Long-term partnerships as the ultimate goal

  • Relationship building as top priority in order to achieve mutual success faster.

  • We are only satisfied when we are at the top. This goal drives us day after day.

Young, flexible and modern

  • We don't say "because it's always been like this". 

Ongoing training

  • Training with specialists from the industry (including online training by Simone Straub, further development of internal processes with HR consultant coach Gaetan Witz) 

Cold calling - we love it

  • When it comes to recruiting candidates, cold calling by telephone is one of the kings  - we have mastered it.

Our services

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SKADIO is your partner for the direct search of sales people in the technical area.

"Another CV supplier?"

Clear no – the primary goal at SKADIO is to bring personalities together. Experiences have shown that the candidate with the picture-perfect CV is not always the most suitable. It is the candidates whose personality best suits the team.


Its SKADIO`s job

  • to identify these personalities

  • to get to know them

  • to inspire them

  • and finally, to place them successfully.

We are your partner for the direct search of sales people in the technical area

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How do we find your personalities? 


​SKADIO focuses on classic headhunting and addressing candidates directly instead of placing job advertisements. They first meet with the client to get to know their company and their needs and work together on a target company list. SKADIO does not simply poach candidates, but identifies for whom a change would represent an improvement, not only financially but also in terms of the work environment, the products and the distribution area. Interested candidates are carefully screened to ensure they are a professional and personal fit with the organization they are being placed with.


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Industry sectors

Which industries is SKADIO targeting? 

  • Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Automation Technology

  • Machinery and plant construction

  • Construction, Architecture, Building Technology

Pricing model

Your investment?  

The fee of SKADIO is charged in several steps according to the progress of the process.

If you are interested in the detailed process and price model, SKADIO invites you to get in direct with the team.

Industry sectors &
pricing model


What does SKADIO mean?


In Norse mythology "SKADI" means the goddess of the hunt. For a company that is specifically on the hunt for highly qualified specialists, we find the name very apt! Our slogan is:


"Only a targeted hunt brings the desired success"


Heike grew up in many different places and has lived in Italy, Taiwan and various places in Austria and Germany. She is a state-certified real estate trustee, has a master's degree in business development and speaks fluent German, English, Italian and sarcasm. Heike is the perfect contact for foreign companies looking for technical sales staff in Austria and Germany. At SKADIO she is responsible for sales and business development. Heike already had the desire to start her own company at a young age and later worked as a headhunter. Her dream job, which combines detective work, psychology and sales, has come true at SKADIO.

Heike Obweger,

Founder & CEO


"Motivation and fun at work are the basis of every success."
Dietrich Mateschitz

Important contacts


Like Heike and Philipp, Christian grew up on Lake Millstatt in Carinthia. In terms of training, he brings with him specialist knowledge from electrical engineering and technical medical technology. Professionally, he worked for many years in technical sales and as managing director of productions abroad. In the field of refrigeration and air conditioning technology, he set up two production plants in China and Hungary.  Back in Austria, he took over a well-known company in the electronics sector as managing partner, which he reorganized and managed for almost 12 years. At SKADIO he is an expert on financial and strategic issues and has a large industry network.

Christian Steindl,  

CO Founder & CEO


"The one who is not brave enough to take risks will never achieve anything in life."

Muhammad Ali


Philipp's adopted home has been Vienna for over 10 years. Here he studied business administration at the WU and then started in the sales force at a Viennese start-up.  Later he switched to a personnel consultancy specializing in sales positions in the DACH region and learned the craft of headhunting. In 2022 he switched to SKADIO and returned to the startup world. With his hands-on mentality and his discipline, Philipp is the right contact when it comes to filling tricky positions in technical sales.

Philip Payrer,

Head of Recruiting 


"Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed"

Robert Kyosaki

About Skadio
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EUVIC Group, strong partner in the background

With the EUVIC group we have an experienced and strong partner on board.   The EUVIC Group has been successfully active on the European market for more than 25 years and has built up companies in a wide variety of industries.  In order to be able to reach this milestone, our partner constantly had to adapt to the current situation.


The recipe for success? The combination of flexibility and adaptability.


There is no “because it was always like that”.


With SKADIO we are part of the international EUVIC Group, which consists of a portfolio of 64 companies with over 5,500 employees. We see ourselves as a big family with the aim of building relationships as efficiently as possible in order to achieve joint success faster. This is what satisfies our customers and ensures a long-term, successful partnership.


"We're only satisfied when we're at the top. This goal drives us day after day.”


Reference stories 


Why are we working together with SKADIO?


"Heike and her team are very professional and know the applicant market very well. You can feel the seriousness and commitment for us as customers from the first minute. At SKADIO, we only have authentic and trustworthy contacts who really cater to our needs. The processing of the search mandates is also uncomplicated, so that we are really feeling a relief in our HR department. Last but not least, the price-performance ratio at SKADIO is extremely good. So many good reasons why we would like to expand our cooperation further and continue working together with SKADIO".


Oliver Fischer

Head of Human Resources

SensoPart Industriesensorik GmbH

Reference Stories


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