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The good people for technical sales 



Our services


Personnel consulting and

We are your contact for the direct search

by sales people in the technical area. 

"Another CV supplier?"


Clear no - at SKADIO it is our primary goal to bring personalities together.

Experience has shown that the candidate with the picture-perfect CV is not the most suitable; it is the candidates   whose personality best suits the team.


It is our job to support these personalities

  • to identify,

  • to get to know

  • to inspire

  • and last but not least to convey successfully!


How do we find your personalities? 

The focus at SKADIO is on classic headhunting or the direct approach to candidates. Placing job advertisements and waiting for applications is not our approach. You have probably already tried this yourself (unsuccessfully) and ended up here? 

We identify candidates and approach them directly. Before we get started, we meet with you on site or online. We get to know you, your company and your challenges.

We talk about the professional and personal requirements. Together we will develop a list of target companies (=list of companies where your potential future employee could currently be working). Experience has shown that the most suitable employees are not sitting at home looking for jobs, they are already successfully working. 

We do not poach candidates clumsily, we find out for whom a change is an improvement of the overall package.  This improvement should not be purely monetary, we want to mediate in the long term. Reasons for changing can be varied, such as a better working environment, technically more interesting products, a more international or regional sales area, etc. The reasons can be varied, we'll find them out. 

We get to know interested and open candidates personally and hold intensive discussions with them. We find out whether you fit your organization personally and professionally. We see ourselves as a representative of our client in every placement.



Industry sectors


Which industries are we targeting? 

  • plant construction

  • construction industry and building technology

  • Electrical engineering

  • Mechanical and special machine construction

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