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The good people for technical sales 

About skadio


And who is behind SKADIO?



I'm Heike, the founder of SKADIO and got to know and love the industry about three years ago as a career changer. 


I learned the "craft" of headhunting in early 2020 at a small niche consultancy. There we were exclusively specialized in   sales positions. I knew right from the start that this was it, that I was in the right place. I have countless interests and I can live them out optimally in my job. Constantly thinking my way into new companies and working on the industry environment is extremely exciting and I really enjoy it!


Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I developed the desire to found and develop my own company at a young age. After finally finding the right industry for me at the age of 30, it was the only logical step for me to found my own consultancy. 

Since autumn 2021 there has been another personnel consultancy on the market. What distinguishes us from the other countless consultations?


At SKADIO, we made a conscious decision to specialize in technical sales. Our team is in daily contact with   candidates and customers from the technical field. This enables us to deliver the best possible added value on the candidate and customer side. 

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